2coaches: Dennis&Gaber
Masterclass: Solving your customer’s PROBLEMS AND PAINS

2coaches: Dennis&Gaber Masterclass: Solving your customer’s PROBLEMS AND PAINS

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  • 26. 1. 2021, 9.30 – 11.20



Now you know how to get your marketing great. And we know you are good at what you do, perhaps one of the best out there. And that is precisely why we suggest you do what you do best and let us help you with the things we do best.

Yes, why stumble when you can leap ahead?  And what should then really be your next step?

Simply join our masterclass:

Solve your customers problems and pains

and give your business or career a push it needs.

Why exactly is this such an important step?…

What do you say to the people you don’t really know? How can you help them if you don’t know what their problems are? Perhaps you keep explaining to these audiences how your product is and what it is about, you keep praising your services while you don’t have a clue how many of your focus group really needs them?

Getting to know your customers is crucial in getting your message across to them. We will guide you through a step by step process to determine who your customers are and how they think. You will know what their views are, what they fear, what they wish for, you will even be able to solve the objections they might have upfront and use them in your marketing as solutions. You will be able to assess the right angle to present your product so it will do exactly that – solve their problems and pains.

And along the way you will solve your problems and pains.

Whether you are a manager or an entrepreneur this is a THE ONE step of the marketing process that will make you think like your customers do. You will be able to have the greatest insight into how to address your potential clients, how to attract leads, and how to turn the hot ones into customers.

It will help further develop your services or products or fine tune your business to your customer’s needs and push up those revenues.

Because your business matters and your customers matters. It is the thing you are working for all this time.

How will we assist your business? What do you get in this awesome package?

  • You get the Dennis’ and Gaber’s Masterclass including step by step process, based on a proven formula with which Dennis and Gaber have helped many clients and companies so far. It is what we call battlefield proven formula. The masterclass will give you 120 minutes of practical business solutions.
  • You get 60 minut of coaching with both Dennis and Gaber, so 30 minutes each and if possible, they will join your hour together.

This package is worth 347€, still, we are giving it away for only 147€ to help you get our help to make your business thrive.

Pricing info:

The starting annual coaching fee by either Dennis or Gaber is 9997€. It includes monthly coaching days, weekly calls, and Q&As with them. On-site expenses and logistics costs are not included in the fee. In these times working online is a practical solution.

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Dennis Larson and Gaber Marolt have coached, trained and counselled many renowned businesses in Sweden, Slovenia and elsewhere. Among them are many successful small and medium size businesses and many corporations as well, some even among the most successful brands. Please find here just a few of them.

Gaber Marolt

Gaber Marolt

Business trainer, coach and NLP trainer, specialised in communication, change management and sales. With 25+ years of entrepreneurial experience, building start-ups and training top professionals in some biggest local corporations and SMEs, such as NLB d.d. (biggest Slovenian bank), Telecom d.d. (local telecom) and many more. INLPTA master coach and trainer, Executive MBA.

Dennis Larsson

Business development coach with +30 years’ experience in the field of communication and business development (whereof 24 years within IKEA Corporate).

Dennis has on top of his comprehensive experience in communication and business development also managed to achieve validated certificates such as, ICF – Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – INLPTA Certified NLP Coach and Trainer – Dale Carnegie Leadership and Communication just to mention a few.


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